Our Mission

The trees and oceans mean everything to us, we literally depend on them for our survival. Through all areas of, we are dedicated to giving something back to the earth.

Environment Pollution

The Global Sustainable Development Goals are great guidance for tackling some of the biggest issues we face. We have decided to focus on life on land and life below the ocean, because the future looks bleak unless we protect the trees and oceans!

Group Planting a Tree

We live in a beautiful, diverse world and now more than ever we need to work together to find solutions to the global issues we face, including, ranging from animal agriculture to deforestation. We need to work together to protect the only home we have, planet earth!

The ocean covers more than 70% of the surface of planet earth. It is interesting that 70% of our oxygen comes from marine plants. Considering the vital importance of these ecosystems for our own survival, we are not doing a very good job at protecting it.

noun; Mù = tree

noun; Shuǐ = water

We decided to include Chinese characters in our branding with

the aim of merging the east and  west to focus on

sustainability and create impactful change. 

The Chinese language is fascinating and vast so we decided to use characters that have an interesting meaning:



small forest


large forest



more water




 Protecting the earth is important for everyone, we all depend on it. Every aspect of our business focuses on sustainability.


Communities and individuals around the world protect nature, so we aim to empower people to take care of the earth.

Trees From Above

Our profits also directly help to protect the trees and ocean. We aim to reach millions of people. 

Our team

Jasper Wilkins

Weiyena Wei

Jasper has dedicated his life to following his passion for sustainability and climate change. HeHe has worked in countries such as Japan, United Kingdom, United States, Nepal, Ethiopia and Hong Kong.
Wei is a talented, graphic designer and illustrator with six years experience working in the art and design industry. She has worked for the clients in the United States, China, United Kingdom, Burma and Germany. 
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