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In Focus

Highlighting the most important issue of our generation


for the trees 

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 for the ocean 

In Focus was founded in 2016, UK 

"I created In Focus to highlight the most important climate issues of our time through those that understand these stories best; the communities, conservationists, scientists and individuals that are so closely connected to the natural world." 

Jasper Wilkins (Founder)

Our aim is to reach the people of the world and to utilise the power of digital platforms!

What We Have Here





This project highlights global climate issues from photographers, film makers and conservationists all over the world.

Our founder, Jasper Wilkins had a solo book and exhibition called 'Gorkha: In Focus' from his work in Nepal.

We have created various events through In Focus, such as a photography exhibition and book about climate change in Nepal.


These insightful interviews with award winning photographers, film makers, conservationists and scientists showcase the reality of what is happening to the natural world. 

Margot Raggett

- Remembering Wildlife -

Caroline Power

- Plastic Waste -

Andrew Suryon

- The Orangutan -

Jasmine Carey

- Whales Underwater -

Gorkha: In Focus


for the earth

​Jasper Wilkins is an Olympus Ambassador and documentary photographer passionate about the environment and the natural world, sharing stories across the world of beauty and hope. Working as a team leader in Khadka Gaun, Gorkha, Nepal he spent time with an inspiring community with a team of volunteers to provide livelihood development and adaptation for the people.

Book and Exhibition

Gorkha: In Focus started while working as a team leader with ICS in Nepal in 2017. While working in this rural community in the Himalayas, Jasper was inspired by the people he met and decided to tell their story about climate change and women's empowerment. In collaboration with Olympus he developed an exhibition and book project that  displayed an insight into the community. 

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