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asearth creates sustainable change through storytelling, products and services. This is our only home,

let's protect it.

for the trees

for the ocean


The sustainability of human life on earth depends on our actions today. We have the power to destroy or support the natural world.

Here at asearth, we focus on three main areas to have impactful change; storytelling, sustainable products and services. To put it simply, asearth was created for the trees and ocean. 


In Focus

This project highlights global climate issues from photographers, film makers and conservationists all over the world.


Our sustainable products allow you to ethically consume and we also protect the earth with a percentage of profit.


We offer professional design and marketing services specialising in ethical projects.

This is our storytelling project; focusing on empowering the communities, scientists and individuals that are working hard to protect the earth. We have held an exhibition, book, lectures and interviewed some of the leading experts in the field. 

In Focus


for the trees 

for the ocean 水

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We decided to develop our product range to offer people with sustainable options. These also support our conservation and storytelling efforts and with each product bought, we give back to ocean and tree projects.



We work with varied charities, companies and organisations to develop creative design and marketing that inspires millions of people around the world. Due to our commitment to protecting earth, we support marine and land conservation for each hour that you work with us. 





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