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A creative agency that focuses on sustainability.

We have reached over 1 billion views during the past year with our educational content that inspires

people about climate change and sustainability, growing over 1 million followers organically. 

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for the trees

木 = wood / trees in Chinese


for the oceans

水 = water / river in Chinese

About us


It's simple really, asearth was founded to preserve the natural world and support livelihoods. We aim to inspire millions of people to protect nature and develop sustainable projects that support animals and the environment. This core mission is part of everything that we do. 

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Jasper Wilkins, UK

founder, marketing manager

Weiyena Wei, China

co-founder, designer

In Focus


Stories an important aspect of making impactful change and storytelling has always been a key part of asearth. We have produced a book, had a solo exhibition in London, and interviewed some of the leading photographers and conservationists in the field.



We offer professional design and marketing services specialising in ethical projects. We work with NGO's, companies and organisations to develop creative design and marketing that inspires millions of people around the world. 


Aquatic Life Institute

○ Website - UX and build (Wix) 
○ Social media - video editing, planning, influencer marketing
○ Filmmaking & photography in Costa Rica 
○ Partnerships 
○ Website design and build (Squarespace) 
○ Graphic, logo, report and guidelines. 
○ Social media and newsletter
○ Organizing and promoting events