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Calm Sea
We decided to create this store to offer people affordable
eco-friendly products. Each product sold, we'll
donate to tree or ocean conservation! 

 for the oceans 

for the trees 


As consumers we can select to purchase ethical products that are better for the environment and we are aiming to give back to people and nature through all aspects of Asearth. We do recommend mindful spending in general, so if you don't need something, don't get it. With your support, we can expand this range and create an industry that is better for the animals, other people and the earth. Asearth aligns with the sustainable development goals; Life Below Water (14) and Life On Land (15). 

natural cork wallet

Remember the good you're doing for the planet.
Every time you take out your wallet.
Made from sustainable, and ethically-sourced materials.
· 100% Cork Fabric
· Lining Material: Polyester
· Pattern Type: Solid

biodegradable case

Made from: 

soil: 30%

onions: 7.5%, carrots: 7.5%, pepper:7.5%

sawdust: 1.5%

rice: 18%

soybeans: 18%

wheat: 10%

Eco-friendly •
100% biodegradable •
Anti-shock protection •
Decomposes in 1 year •

bamboo toothbrush

Sustainable alternative to plastic
Better for the planet and the animals
· Eco-friendly
· 4 Pics
· Size: 7.3"

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