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Whales Underwater

Updated: Dec 6, 2020

"I would like my work to inspire those to act and to do. To be proactive in the need to be involved in conservation, and this starts at home. Think Globally, Act Locally. Every little bit, from every single person, helps."

Whales Underwater

Since my career change, I have helped developed the photo travel company Whales Underwater with its expansion into new and exciting locations around the world.  The photo travel business allows me to not only shoot and share the photos I capture, but also to share unique nature photography travel experiences in a personal way and watch people deepen their love for whales, the ocean and the broader environment. This aspect of my work is so rewarding for me as I get the chance to see people grow through the experiences. Since I took my leap of faith, I have been lucky to experience new adventures that I’ve been lucky to share like the Orcas in Norway and Hammerheads in Japan. We are on the hunt to find the most amazing wildlife experiences that we can share with the world, so that people can fall back in love with the planet, it’s animals and experience the natural beauty of how they intertwine. Then we will continue to see why we need to make the right choices for conservations and protection, the reasons and emotions will be infinite.

Baby Humpbacks learn a lot through mimicking. They are such a joy to watch while they practice twists, turns, slaps and breaching. The looks in their eyes when they surprise themselves with their own efforts is just hilarious.💙(Jasmine Carey)

How would you describe swimming with a humpback whale? 

​To look a humpback whale in the eye and feel it look right back into your naked soul, IS like no other wildlife or human experience on the planet - and is a real privilege. Your heart flutters, your soul deepens, you feel paralysed as time stands still. There is a rush of emotions and you feel vulnerable but you cannot and will not look away. You’re transfixed...  mesmerised. And once that connection is broken there is an inner calmness, a peace deep within and for the first time in decades your whole entire self feels relaxed. Clean. You feel cleansed of the many day to day issues and life’s problems you had only just a few breaths ago. Reactively and instinctively those feelings are now so utterly insignificant. So minute in detail compared to the 14 meters of humpback and the infinite mass of the universe that contains you. You’re subconscious and consciousness are reunited as one. You can truly sense this immediate positive change about you, and you want more. A Humpback Whale is both commanding and so so welcoming at the same time and from the second you meet you’ll find yourself asking for answers to the big questions of the universe. With open arms, well pectoral fins, they will kindly greet you and acknowledge not only your presence but give assurance of your existence  and your place the world. 


​In such a short time I have found that the purpose of my work has evolved into a multifaceted realm. I hope to  offer not only a greater awareness of the ocean, the animals that call it home and the huge importance of conserving and protecting them. I would like my photos to support the documentation of the planet and add value by also creating a connection. I believe the more of a connection we feel towards something the more we will strive to save and protect. I am fascinated by the multiple personalities and feelings of the creatures below the water’s surface and I aim capture the moment in time reflect that in my photos. I want the viewer to be submerged with me. Through feedback and messages I receive  via social media I’ve found that my work  inspires people of all ages. Ones that have really impacted me the most are the messages from young women and men who not necessarily ‘would like to do what I do” but who now have aspirations for a career in the Environment – to speak for and stand up for the ocean and its animals. To think that my photos have influenced them and showed them how wonderful the ocean is, is so inspiring to me. For these people to reach out and take the time to message me and thank me for bringing the Ocean to them is so so humbling, I pinch myself.

Well this beautiful girl, was up for a play early this morning as she kept rolling in front of her Mum to stop or slow down but her Mum was insistent on slowly cruising along and diving down for a nap. Then suddenly💥 they were on the move and they both started giving us a show with combinations of various forms of head lunging and breaching. It was spectacular, so we dropped in front and watched them swim in past. (Jasmine Carey)

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