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Beach Action Launching on World Oceans Day!

On World Oceans Day (8th June), the Beach Collective are proud to announce the launch of Beach Action. Combining the power of direct action and the power of social media, Beach Action is a social platform which rewards people for taking direct climate action.

For too long, planting trees or picking up litter from the beach is something that people are expected to do as volunteers, while the companies who chop down trees or produce nearly all of the plastic waste make billions of dollars. Beach Action addresses this by creating a social and financial incentive for anyone, anywhere to engage in direct climate action.

Actions are not confined to beaches and coastal areas. Whether it’s picking up litter from the street, planting a tree, or growing your own veg, anyone, anywhere can earn $BEACH for direct action to regenerate our planet and oceans. All you need to do is drop a pin on the map along with a photo or video of the action and a social post to earn a $BEACH reward.

As well as a financial incentive, Beach Action uses social and gamified elements such as impact leaderboards, social posting and photo sharing, to stimulate engagement and give influence to those who have the most impact.

Using W3W satellite mapping, we have created a totally transparent, open-source record of direct climate action worldwide - actions which are recorded on the map are visible to all and recorded forever. This makes Beach Action the ideal CSR tool for planet-friendly brands and businesses. Not only can we increase the visibility and exposure of companies’ actions, but by engaging people on the ground directly we can increase the impact of CSR spend pound for pound.

To celebrate the launch, real-world climate actions which are registered on Beach Action in the month following World Oceans Day, along with a social post tagging us on Twitter @beach_token and the #BeachAction will be entered into a competition to win $BEACH prize money. The Beach Team will award 10 prizes to ten different actions around the world, the top prize being $1000 worth of $BEACH. Prize money can be redeemed with one of our worldwide brand partners such as active-wear brand when our online shop launches.

Beach Action is a product of the Beach Collective, a blue circular economy platform powered by its native currency $BEACH, where a % of every transaction funds clean oceans and blue carbon initiatives worldwide. Since launching in August, we have cleared over 70,000kg of waste from the oceans, have leased a seaweed farm in Scotland, have mangrove restoration projects running in two countries, sea turtle conservation in another and have provided over 2500 days of employment to coastal communities in 14 countries.

With Beach Action we hope to scale that impact exponentially, by engaging everyone, everywhere.

While other social platforms confer status and influence on some of the shallowest aspects of human nature, Beach Action gives status and influence to those who take action on behalf of our oceans and planet.

Beach Action provides jobs and income to communities around the world, offers unique marketing opportunities for planet-friendly brands and businesses, and will mobilise millions in service of that which matters most

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